So what's so special about Delaware?

Delaware is unique in many ways compared to the politics in many other states in the U.S. For one, it is very small in size and population. The size of the state makes for simple politics with little to no reports of corruption. Also, Delaware is home to some of the earliest political establishments that founded the great nation of the United States.

Since Delaware straddles the Mason Dixon line, the citizens are somewhat divided in their political views. Although the state is a bit more on the conservative side, there is a minor division between the citizens of the northern region of the state and those in the southern part. And, it is indicative of regional politics and the difference between north and south because citizens in southern Delaware tend to vote more conservative and those in the north lean more towards the liberal side.

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Delaware, like many other states in the nation, is broken up into various parties. And, further to the point of how Delaware is a kind of transition state between the north (liberal) and south (conservative), parties within the state echo this fact; these various parties within Delaware politics are:

-Blue Enigma Party
-Communist Party
-Delaware Republican Party
-Independent Party
-Libertarian Party
-Green Party
-Delaware Democratic Party
-Constitution Party

The state of Delaware is like no other in the nation because of its location in relation to the division of north and south in the United States. The population is somewhat diverse as well. Wilmington, the bustling northern city of the state is home to many industries and businesses. However, citizens of the southern and central parts of the state hold tight to old southern values and their political views are evident of this by virtue of the way they vote.

Delaware is a small and quiet state. As pointed out previously, there is not much corruption or reports of wrongdoing. Although Delaware is considered a northern state, it hugs the northern most portion of the southern states. Therefore, many people in south Delaware are conservative, quiet, low-key, and honest like old America used to be before competitive politics, scandal, and other negative aspects of our political system came to light.

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