The origin of short term car insurance

Did you know that Santa Claus came up with the idea for temporary car insurance for his cheap online car insurance site  Some people consider him to be a mythical figure, but he actually exists and has long been someone with a love of invention. The candy cane? That was his idea! What about the Nestle Tollhouse cookie recipe? Again, that came from the fat man living up at the North Pole. Perhaps you might be thinking that candy canes and cookies are one thing, but car insurance? Well, it makes sense if you know a thing or two about Christmas Eve. Every December 24th, Santa drives his sleigh around the globe delivering presents to all the good people of the world. One particular year, Santaís sleigh broke down somewhere outside of Mumbai and he was completely at a loss as to what to do. He had millions of gifts left to deliver and no means of transport.

Needless to say, it was an extremely stressful situation. Santa Claus ultimately had to send a few of the reindeer back to the North Pole to send reinforcement in the form of several mechanically inclined elves. The problem with the sleigh is much too complex to talk about here, but eventually they were able to patch up the sleigh enough so Santa could finish his run. Once he arrived back home for the night, weary and feeling considerably older, he found that his elves were requesting a hefty overtime charge for their services. The whole ordeal upset him greatly. It isnít as though he is made of money, after all!

Five or six months later, Santa was spending time in his workshop when an idea came to him suddenly. He should insure his sleigh! Almost immediately he nixed the idea. He only flew it around on Christmas Eve and the other 364 days a year, it sat stagnant in his garage. What would be the point of paying a monthly fee for something that he rarely used? It wasnít long after this that he came up with the idea for short term car insurance! The ability to insure his sleigh for one or two days a year would be enough to keep Santa from having to worry about shelling out extra money to his elves should his sleigh break down again.

He sent an anonymous letter to a particularly ambition insurance agent who immediately took it to his superiors. By the following Christmas, Santa had his sleigh insured and he never had to worry about his sleigh breaking down ever again. Now all he has to do is check the naughty or nice lists twice before heading out on that one special day each and every year.

If you live in the UK you can buy short term car insurance from Unfortunately you cannot use it in Mumbia, however.


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